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Mackellar Rising

Let's Rise for Change

This is about us.  

It’s about me and you, and everyone else who lives in our community. It’s about anyone who might be wondering if what they think about the economy or the environment or political accountability, education, health, housing or anything else, really matters to their representatives. 

It’s about creating a groundswell of support behind a new, community-led model of representation based on consultation and transparency. Together, we focus on the shared goals and common values of the people of Mackellar. We are for everyone who believes that community representation with integrity is the point of government. 

Many of us are too busy to follow politics, or believe that it's not important, or don't understand how it works. This movement has emerged because occasionally there comes a time when we absolutely need to step up into the conversation and take part, and that time has come.   


By coming together and speaking up now, we encourage the emergence of an Independent candidate 

who will vote in the best interests of the Mackellar community, ushering in a brighter future founded on honest politics and good governance.  

The question is...
what really matters to you?

Seeing real action on





Renewable Economy



What matters to your current Mackellar MP?

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